Travel Tips: Taking an Ounce of Home

Have a summer trip planned? We do – and I want to be careful not to forget anything! Here are some travel tips to help you bring an ounce of home with you.


Got travel plans? We do.

We’ll be taking a two-month trip this summer, to do a little mini-furlough on the advice of our pastor. Praise The Lord He has provided someone to come and interim pastor for us while we’re gone.

Your trip may not be a two-month one, but if you’re taking a trip this summer, there are definitely some things you want to bring. In my mind, an ounce of home is worth a pound of away.

Here are some travel tips for you:

1) Bring something with you that reminds you of home – a pillow, a favorite blanket, a stuffed animal

2) bring a scent along that makes you happy and comfortable – every evening, my daughter gives me “my scents” and t makes me feel warm and cozy, ready for sleep.

3) plan your meals carefully – being away from home does not mean you have a license to binge. It’s not good for you or your family, so plan your meals carefully. If you have to go out, plan on eating real food, rather than junk.

4) If you need some essentials to help you sleep, make sure you bring them – if you haven’t noticed, sleep is a big priority. Perhaps it’s because, with 7 children, I’ve had my share of sleepless nights, but I’m not at all interested in miserable nights, and would do almost anything to avoid them. Fan, blanket, night light…you get the picture.

5) Remember that bugs are everywhere, so bring bug killing spray! I couldn’t sleep if I knew the place was full of roaches!

6) Bring a candle, and make sure you have soothing music on your device before you leave. Did I say soothing? How about romantic?

7) something to do – an interesting book is a must, plus any devices you enjoy. For me, I also include pens and paper for writing, or note-taking, since I enjoy an odd mix of paper and electronics.

8) Don’t forget your workout clothes and some gear! Unless you actually PLAN on not working out at all, or if you’re only gone a few days, plan on working out! Don’t let a trip make you flabby. In our trips, I spend enough time in the car that I begin to stiffen up like a dead fish, so I’m going to throw some exercise bands in my suitcase.

9) The kids will need their own version of all of the above. The very worst of the worst is when you forget that beloved blanket and lil Margot simply refuses to go to sleep without it….AND you’ll be away for a whole week! Don’t let this happen to you!

We may not be leaving on our trip for another 5 weeks or so, but I’m already starting to plan. You can be sure I’ll be working on these and other travel tips!

Do you have any travel plans this summer? How can you “take an ounce of home” with you?

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