The Creator Became a Creature…


This Christmas, take a few minutes to think about the One whose “birthday” we celebrate.

I struggled to think of an opening story to illustrate this beautiful concept, but neither history nor human experience has ever seen the like, where a creator of something actually became the object that he created. Such a transformation is totally impossible, humanly speaking. Never in all of human history has one that made something had such a change that he actually became that which he created.

Impossible! But with God, all things are possible.

So is the Christmas story – the impossible becoming possible, and the Creator actually becoming flesh.

Heaven and earth cannot contain God, and yet God became confined to a human body.

    • The Ancient of Days became a newborn.
    • At the birth of Christ, the Helper became a helpless baby.
    • The One who holds the universe in His hands and whose everlasting arms are beneath all of creation was held in the arms of Mary and Joseph and Simeon.
    • His arms hold the universe in place, and yet He was held in the arms of a teenage girl.
    • The One on whom we’re dependent for every breath became dependent. He had to be carried into the temple in His mother’s arms.
    • The One who is the giver and the source of all life, by whom all things in heaven and on earth were made (He’s the creator; He’s the giver and source of life), was Himself made in the likeness of human flesh.
    • When I was thinking about that, it’s like a renowned potter becoming a clay pot.
    • The Creator becomes one of His created beings.
    • The Creator became a creature.
    • The One who created the first woman was born of a woman.
    • The One who opens and closes the womb and causes conception to take place, He Himself was conceived and became an embryo in the womb of a woman.
    • The One who causes unborn babies to gestate in the womb, Himself became a baby gestating in a womb.- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!

Question: What does God’s gift mean to you?

Special Note: I’ll be taking a blogging break from December 25 to the first week of January.

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