The BEST Way to Get Your Family to Help

This is our next-to-the-last post in a helpful series called The More Organized Me! During the month of January, I’ve been writing various posts on goals, mistakes I’ve made in finding “the sweet spot” of organization, and how I schedule my day and my home. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not arrived in this area – I’m still a work in progress. But I think I’ve learned a few things over the past 30 years of marriage, raising 7 kids in all sorts of situations, and I’ll be sharing them with you! If you missed any of our posts, you can find it here!



Funny thing; I started running because my young folks attended a youth meeting and they were sent them home with a copy of the book, “Aerobics,” by Dr. Kenneth Cooper . Who read the book? Mom. Who started running? You guessed it – Mom! The kids didn’t read the book, and they didn’t get the “running bug,” and they didn’t start a running program.
Fast forward a few years. The other day a lady asked me, “I noticed running seems to be your ‘family thing.’ So how do you get your kids to run, too? Do you make them run, or do they just do it on their own?”

I thought of how almost all of my children run, and enjoy it. Lord willing, some of us are training for a half-marathon this year! I smiled and told her, “No, I don’t make them run, they do it because they want to. I guess they saw me running, and saw how much I liked it, and decided to join me!”

And that’s how it is with getting your kids to help around the house. I had spent years griping because no one cared about the house but me. No one would help me, so nothing got done. I had my lightbulb moment in 2001 when I first found Flylady, and she helped me work on my disastrified house bit by bit. I worked 15 minutes a day, all by myself, refusing to complain – and got the place in order over time. It was wonderful!

Now, after years of doing things myself, the kids can see what’s out of place and what’s not. They’ve learned how nice a room looks when the bed is made, and they enjoy living in an orderly home.

By the way, it’s the same way with spiritual things – if we live for The Lord with joy, even if no one else seems interested in living for Him, one of these days they will see how wonderful it is to live for God, and they will want that for their own lives. You won’t have to make them read their Bibles, because they will want to on their own.

The bottomline? Model the behavior you want to teach. Our actions speak a million times louder than our words…and if our actions and our words mesh together, it is a powerful lesson indeed.

Makes me want to go for a run!

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