5 Things Faith Does

Driving our bus down a 2-lane highway in lower Michigan, my husband struggled to keep the rig on the road. There had been a violent storm the night before, and the weather was still quite finicky. The wind was gusting quite a bit, turning our bus-turned motorhome into a land-roving sail.


While he wrestled with the steering wheel, we continued our normal daily routines. It was not long after lunch, and both the dishwasher and washing machine were humming, while the kids sat in various favorite spots enjoying a book or writing on the computer. I sat on the couch beside several kids, while one of the girls walked from the back bedroom toward the front, absolutely unaware that the course of our lives would change dramatically in the next few seconds.

I heard my husband shout, “Look out!” and the next instant felt the bus shudder. Time seemed to crawl as I looked up and saw that the windshield was shattering. For what seemed like an eternity, I could see leafy arms reaching toward my cowering daughter, as several branches came through the hole that was once the windshield. The noise created by splintering glass, kids shouting and my husband yelling filled the air. Within seconds, My Beloved pulled the bus to a stop, although he could hardly see the road.

Even before the bus was stopped, however, several of the children began crying and screaming, blood oozing from various places. It was an instant I will never forget.

In just a second of time, a tree had fallen right in the path of our bus, not even hitting the ground, but striking our windshield. At that moment, my life was totally out of my control.

Jochebed, Moses’ mother, had a similar life-changing situation. In Exodus 2, we see that the king, Pharoah, had already made his slaves’ lives very difficult, but now, in an effort to keep their numbers down, he ordered that all baby boys be thrown into the river to drown. Jochebed’s life, which had never really been easy, had suddenly been turned upside-down.

Have you ever felt that way? Maybe you’ve never had an accident, or maybe you’ve never experienced a life-changing moment, but I’m sure somewhere along the line, you’ve experienced times when you’ve felt that your life was totally out of your hands. Perhaps it was a financial situation, or sickness of a spouse or child, or perhaps something broke, and you had a difficult situation to deal with. We’ve all had times when the life we were living at the time took a sudden turn, and we were now completely in God’s Hands.

Even though she was in a awful situation, Jochebed chose to live by faith. She put her life into God’s Hands…and her faith altered the entired course of history.

What happens when we choose to live by faith?

When we choose to live by faith, we choose to place our lives in God’s control. Jochebed understood that there is no better place to be than in the center of God’s Will; no stronger Hands to be held by the the Hands that made the Universe.

We choose action over passivity. Like Jochebed, whose faith moved her to make a little boat for her baby boy, I could not just sit around after the accident. Within seconds, I popped one child in the shower to rinse off his glass, while someone else began brushing off another child. Still a third started sweeping up all the glass.

We choose the Word of God over our emotions. Jochebed had the promise that God’s people would someday be delivered from bondage and go to the Promised Land. Her emotions probably told her that her efforts were worthless, but God’s Word never changes. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee…

We choose miracles over the mundane. While every other Israelite mother was throwing their baby boys in the river, Jochobed chose a very unusual route. Her results were miraculous – her boy not only lived, but she was PAID to take care of him!

We choose to live a life of significance, rather than to fade into the obscure. All of the peole in the Hall of Faith, Hebrews 11 (including Jochebed) were people of significance – not because they were powerful people, but because they were people who exercised faith.

God took care of us that day along the side of the road. Amazingly, only the Rocket Boy had to go to the ER to have glass removed! Two months later, the bus was all fixed up and ready to go, and we were able to continue our journey. God is good!

Personally, I want to live a life of significance, to make the world a better place because I’ve been in it. It can only happen as I live a life, like Jochebed, of faith.

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God Cares About Our “Little” Problems

While my family and I are off to a Jubillee for a few days this week, I thought you might enjoy these timeless words from Corrie ten Boom’s book, Not Good If DetachedNot Good if Detached. They are as encourageing as they were the day they were written so many years ago. May it be as much of a blessing to you as it was to me when I read it recently!


God loves more perfectly than an earthly father or mother. And His love makes our problems great in His eyes and small in our eyes.

“I will tell you something that happened when I was a prisioner in a concentration camp with my sister, Betsie.

One morning I had a terrible cold, and I said to Betsie, ‘What can I do; I have no handkerchief.’

“‘Pray,’ she sid. I smiled, but she prayed, ‘Father, Corrie has got a cold, and she has no handkerchief.’ Will You give her one in Jesus’ name, Amen.’

“I could not help laughing, but as she said ‘Amen,’ I heard my name called. I went to the window, and there stood my friend who worked in the prison hospital.

“‘Quickly, quickly! Take this little package, it is a little present for you.’ I opened the package, and inside was a handkerchief.

“‘Why in the world did you bring me this? Did I ask you for it? Did you know that I have a cold?'”

“‘No, but I was folding handkerchiefs in the hospital, and a voice in my heart said, ‘Take one to Corrie ten Boom.'”

“What a miracle! Can you understand what handkerchief told me at that moment? It told me that in heaven is a loving Father who hears when one of his children on this very small planet asks for an impossible little thing; a handkerchief. And that heavenly Father tells one of His other children to take one to Corrie ten Boom. We cannot understand, but the foolishness of God is so much higher than the wisdom of the wise.”

—Not Good if Detached

So don’t be afraid to cast ALL your cares upon Him, for He cares for you!

Thank you all for praying for My Beloved’s upcoming ear surgery, which is scheduled for February 28!

2012 – The Year of Carpet Burns


Have you ever had a carpet burn?

I mean, a really bad one, where a big red patch has taken the place of skin?

As the youngest of 5 children, I was my brothers’ and sister’s favorite plaything. When they dragged me around on the carpet, holding my feet so my back would slide along the carpet, it was great fun for all of us. I laughed and squealed, begging for more, while they pulled my legs and ran around the house. Of course, my shirt went up in the back, and only my bare skin slid along the carpet.

About 10 minutes of that, and I started to feel pain. Eventually, I had two half-dollar sized raw spots where the skin on my shoulder blades had been, and a row of red dimes ran along my spine. For the rest of that week, I was in misery, especially every time I moved or tried to sleep. Anything which even lightly touched my back caused a howl in pain, because I had been scoured.

Those carpet burns left me very sensative to the touch.

This past year, I’ve been scoured. Physical illness of loved ones, financial struggles, and family situations throughout this year have given me a huge carpet burn. My heart, my life, and my soul have been scrubbed by the loving Hands of the Master. And it has left me very tender and raw.

But that’s a good thing, because it has made me very sensative to the Lord.

My greatest desire is that I will be sensative to His every Touch. When His Hand moves, I want to feel it. I want to move when He moves, to do what He wills, to go where He wants. I desire my heart to resonate with His Hand.

Maybe you’ve had a year like mine; maybe you feel as if you’ve been dragged around by your older siblings and left to bleed alone. It’s ok to feel that way. One thing I’ve learned is not tot try to escape my feelings, but to take them to the One who cares.


If you feel you’re being scoured, take heart – He wants you to be sensative to Him. Take advantage of the raw feelings and pour your heart out to the Lord. You will feel His presence as never before.

Yes, sometimes a good old-fashioned carpet burn can be good.

How has your year been? Has it been a year of blessing, or a year of carpet burns? And, if it has been carpet burns, how has the Lord shown you that they really are blessings in disguise?