Take Out the Trash: Eliminating Inner Frustrations

I have a serious beef about the trash. I HATE having the trash overflow and cascade onto the floor. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get Those Responsible to take the trash…even resorting to calling the guy who takes it out a Hero, and wildly applauding anyone who is willing to tackle the offensive debris!

It gets really bad when the trash can has been stuffed beyond all reason, and begins to regurgitate its contents on the floor. Then Junior comes along and plays with the debris, happily chewing on last week’s pizza crusts! I begin to wonder who I should yell at first: Junior, or the guy who’s supposed to take out the trash!


One thing about trash: it MUST be dealt with and removed, or everyone in the house suffers. But trash is like our inner frustrations: they must be dealt with, or the atmosphere becomes toxic! And what’s worse, the trash in our life gets to a certain point, and finally begins to pour all over the place, creating disaster everywhere!!

Why do we get so frustrated sometimes, and how can we Take out the Trash? How can we deal with the frustration and eliminate it? Here are a few reasons why:

  • We get frustrated – because things don’t go our way
  • Because we’re irritated with ourselves, our own laziness and failures
  • We’re irritated that the circumstances aren’t favorable to us…in other words, we’re mad at God!
  • We’re irritated because others are not cooperative (surprise! Kids have a mind of their own!)
  • We’re frustrated because we feel guilty deep down inside

So, how do we Take Out the Trash?

Recognize what’s happening. As soon as we realize we’re frustrated, that’s when we need to deal with the root problem. Why does this bother me so much? Once we discover the “why” behind our irritation, then we can deal with it.

Change the things we can. When we get frustrated at our own laziness, we know it’s time to change. We can do it, if we set our minds to it.

Ask forgiveness for the past. I know it sounds really self-explanatory, but the past really is the past, and we need to leave it there. Our past is over and done, as well as the past of others. Let it go.

Accept the things you can’t change. When Junior steps on an old rusty bucket and gashes his foot open, my day is completely rearranged and the laundry and dishes that need done suddenly take second seat to sitting in the ER waiting room. It’s frustrating! But in all reality, there’s simply nothing I can do about it, so I may as well accept the fact that I now have “forced rest time” and an odd kind of “bonding” with my child in the hospital.


As taking out the trash before it spills over goes a long way to ensuring tranquility, so eliminating inner frustrations can help us have peaceful homes. Let’s not let it get so bad that Junior is forced to play in a toxic atmosphere!

What are some other ways we can eliminate inner frustrations? What do you think causes them? Leave your comments below!

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