Scared…and It’s a Good Thing!

“In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.”


I know it sounds silly, and it’s definitely politically incorrect, but healthy fear is good for the soul. Often, it keeps us out of dangers that we would otherwise run headlong into.

My Beloved is one of the safest people I know. Why? The kids and I joke that “he has a story for everything,” meaning that he has read a “Drama in Real Life” about almost every topic imaginable. Why, it’s not at all unusual for us to be passing something so obscure as a high-voltage line, and he will say, “I read a story once about a kid who climbed up one of those, and…” Inevitably, the foolish person died, or got very close to it. It may be kind of funny, but his stories have put a healthy dose of fear into each of our children.

When it comes to the dangers and temptations out in life, our kids need a healthy sense of fear. Driver’s Educators understand this – remember Driver’s Ed and the awful movies they showed? Those mangled wrecks helped to keep us from becoming mangled wrecks ourselves!


How can we help our children stay away from evil?

1. Tell stories of those that followed a bad path and ended up in the dunghill. This is easier than you think, it just requires a bit of thought into your own past. Remember the kid in high school who began dabbling in drugs? Look him up and find out what he’s up to now…if he’s still alive. If you can’t find him, use his name and “obituary.” You’d be surprised at what you may come up with.

2. Remind children of the Scriptures, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Apply that to situations that occur. Unfortunately, there are plenty of real-time opportunities.

3. Show video clips of the dangers of certain activities. I recently showed my kids “They Lied,” a drug awareness video, on YouTube, and it really hit home. It’s a bit rough, but when it comes to something as awful as drugs, we need to be a bit rough.

4. Be careful with books, TV shows and videos. In our modern day, many times the bad guy gets away with his badness, and the good people are mocked. Like it or not, this does have an effect on what we think, and it will effect our children, too.

About a year ago, my daughter took an online Driver’s Ed course, complete with videos of the dangers of texting and driving. She is now one of the safest drivers I know, and is vehemently against texting and driving!


If people are going to do such stupid things as injecting themselves with some odd drug that’s going to make their heart race, their eyes dilate, and their mind go nutty, let’s not let the lesson be lost on our children.

Let’s give our children the gift of healthy fear, and keep them safe from many heartaches!

Do you have any ideas on how to protect our children? Maybe you know of some resources that can help the rest of us. Please share!

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