What I Learned from Misplacing My Computer

All of us deal with failure at some point or other. Some failures are more embarrassing than others, but all seem to have something we can learn from them.

You’re not going to believe this, but – I lost my computer! Yes, I know it’s here somewhere, but, you see, the house looks like a bomb went off! My men went to get our things from storage in another state, and everything ended up all. over. the house!

Our big goal yesterday was to offload the truck, and then get everything out of the cardboard boxes by nightfall so we wouldn’t be invaded by roaches. It worked! But – we didn’t have much time to put things away, and so everything we own is strewn around the house!

I wasn’t expecting such a disaster. And I certainly wasn’t expecting to MISPLACE my computer!! (How in the world does THAT happen??!!)

Well, when life gives you lemons, as the saying goes…make lemonade! Usually I use my blog template and my planned posts to prepare the next post, but…they’re all on my computer! So today I’m writing on my IPad, just from the heart.

That’s ok, right? We can do that sometimes, I suppose.

Here are some things I’ve learned through this time of computerlessness:

  • Always make plans, but expect your plans to be changed, at least somewhat. I had planned on spending the next few days organizing my stuff, in addition to preparing this post, etc. But I hadn’t planned on the complete disarray that occurred when all the stuff got pulled out of boxes! It basically turned my life upside down for awhile.
  • Don’t blame others for the unexpected. Sometimes I get the raw deal of someone else’s lack of planning, but blaming them doesn’t help the situation – it only makes it worse. (In this case, that didn’t happen, thankfully!) If I experience a lot of pressure because someone failed to plan, then I try to go ahead and make things work, and afterwards talk to the person and express to them the difficulties I experienced – rationally!
  • Along the same lines, I must be careful not to beat myself up over failures. Failures are important opportunities to ask some vital questions and discover what went wrong, but they’re bad times to tell myself how awful I am. The Devil loves nothing more than to get a child of God to think either more highly or more lowly of themselves than they ought. Try to be completely honest with yourself, and give yourself some room to grow.
  • If you have a choice between being with your hubby and getting something done, choose to be with your hubby. In this case, my hubby was away for about 4 days, so I wasn’t about to keep working to organize late into the night when I hadn’t spent time with My Beloved in awhile! I’ve been faced with that choice many times, however, and I try to choose the person above the project. Investing in relationships is a million times better (and lots more fun!) than just “getting something done.”
  • Make the most out of the change. Try to reflect about what you can learn from the situation, and how you can prevent it from happening again. In addition, you can take advantage of the change and do something completely different and unexpected – like this post – and share what you’ve learned with others, so that others can grow as well.

Well, if I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that I need to keep better track of my own possessions!! 😉

Question: What have you learned from your failures? Have you ever lost something important to you, and had to make some serious adjustments for it?

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