3 Ways to Play With Your Husband


If you’re just joining me for this series on marriage, you may want to check out the previous posts. My first post, titled 4 Things That Will Send Your Marriage to the Divorce Court…and How to Prevent Them, showed how quickly your marriage can be destroyed by just a few simple selfish habits. I also mentioned 4 things we can do to prevent our visit to the divorce lawyer! The first of these is prayer, the topic of the second post in the series. In 6 Things Prayer Does for a Marriage, I talked about the wonderful benefits of praying…and why, without prayer, you can never have the best marriage you could. In my third post, I outlined 3 Prayer Methods That Will Revolutionize Your Marriage.

But today, it’s fun time! We’re going to talk about the second thing on the list: PLAY! Now doesn’t that sound great?

One of the big things God created woman for was to be man’s companion. “…yet she is thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant.” (Malachi 2:14) Why? Because “it is not good that the man should be alone.” (Genesis 2:18) I can be perfectly content to be by myself, but my husband? Oh, no! He is alone only when heĀ  has to be, and comes home as quickly as he can. When he takes a break from his work, what does he do? He plays! He chases our youngest son and tickles him within an inch of his life! All because he like to have someone to be with, and because he likes to play.

Maybe your husband spends too much time playing video or computer games. What does that tell you? He’s just like any other man, or even any other hu-man… he likes to play!

Incorporating play, or playfulness into your marriage is a huge leap toward your destination of your very own Courageous Journey. How can we incorporate more play into our marriages?

1. Tease him playfully often. I’m not talking about pranks, where you dump water down his back or anything, but playful teasing. For example, I often refer to my husband with playful names, like Humble Handsome Hero, or some other terms which can’t be repeated online! I strive to never put him down, but say things that are encouraging and playful.

2. Tease him physically as well, but be careful that you don’t irritate him. One of my favorites is the “cold water during a shower” trick, but of course, it’s not one of HIS favorites, so after a few years of marriage I had to cool that one down a bit. Wedgies are playful, but they can also be overdone. šŸ˜‰ You just want to be sure that you doĀ somethingĀ  fun with him regularly. Remember, you are his true playmate.

3. Plan play times. This could be anything from playing a computer game with him, playing a board game with him, or playing a bedroom game. Be creative! It should be a time when just the two of you play together. My son and daughter-in-law have a Wii, so they often have these crazy competitions between each other to find out who is better at whatever crazy game they have. It’s a blast!

Don’t let your home become a terribly serious place. Keep it light and happy, and work on play with your man. And you can be sure, you are his favorite toy!

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To Love Honor and Vacuum


You Know You’re Living In an RV in the Summer When…

Our RV is actually a converted tour bus, so it is literally a “tin can.” The hot summer Texas sun superheats the metal skin, making it burn to the touch! When My Beloved and my sons converted it, they put several layers of insulation, which helps, but the large windows also let in a tremendous amount of heat. Even with foil bubble wrap on the windows and our two AC units blowing constantly, we are still not able to keep it very cool inside.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that right. That was yesterday’s indoor and outdoor temerature of our RV. While it was 110 degrees outside, it was a little cooler than 92 degrees inside, because the thermometer was on the sunward side of the bus. Inside, it was probably about 86. Still, it was enough to make most of us melt.

Yesterday while trying to stay cool, I wrote down a few things about summer in an RV:


– You burn your hands washing them with “cold” water! (It’s amazing how hot the water gets as it runs through the hose from the church to the bus!)

– You burn your elbow when you lean against the bus.

– You have to go out before sunrise to get your exercise…and it’s already 80 degrees!

– You do all your cooking either in the microwave, outside on the grill, or put the slow cooker outside.

– You take a shower with all “cold” water…and have to let it run for awhile to let it cool down enough so you don’t get scalded!

– You refuse to bake anything, for any reason, until Labor Day!

– A cool, wet rag is your best friend.

– You decide to go to the library to cool off, even though you have AC in your RV.

I just wish I could box up some of this heat to save for wintertime. Hot showers in the summer and cold showers in the winter are a way of life!

Have a great (warm) summer, folks! Praise God for the beauty of the lazy summer.

Yours for a more Courageous Journey for Him,