6 Things Prayer Does for a Marriage

Imagine taking a journey – a very Courageous one, of course – to a wonderful place where everything you need is always available just for the asking. Folks are happy, the surroundings are peaceful, and you can rest. It’s not a boring place; there is always something exciting going on, and a treat around every corner, just waiting to be discovered. Adventure, excitement and contentment combine together in this place. Where are you? Why, it’s the Land of Could-Have-Been!

Last week, when I wrote about 4 Things That Will Send Your Marriage to the Divorce Court, and How to Prevent Them, I mentioned “The Four P’s” that can make your Marriage a Hawaiian Honeymoon! Today, I want to elaborate a little on one of the Four P’s: PRAYER.

Prayer is a tremendous power for good in our lives, an untapped resource we often neglect.  It’s the Land of Could-Have-Been. Through prayer, we get exactly what we need just for asking. Prayer creates a peace and rest of the soul, and brings joy to those around us. Every day brings a new adventure of faith…through prayer. But for many of us, it’s as fanciful as some far-off fairytale land.

Well, it’s time to take the Land of Could-Have-Been and change its name to the Land of My Own. After all, it’s available…and now it will be My Own. But in order for me to claim this land as My Own, I need to see what is available to me when I get it.

What does Prayer do for a Marriage?

  1. Eliminates Worry
  2. Infuses Hope
  3. Exposes Motives
  4. Discovers Root Issues
  5. Accesses Power
  6. Identifies Right Paths

To not take advantage of prayer is to never see what Could-Have-Been. It is to spend our days in the Worry-World and live in Depressed “Down”-Town. Hopeless Acres will be our lot, and we’ll spend our days putting out little fires created by the Root Issues of the Incendiary City.

Come on … let’s take a journey. In fact, let’s take a Courageous Journey, and head on over to the Land of Could-Have-Been and claim it as Our Own!

Today’s Destination: Prayer! Spend at least 5 minutes in prayer today. It’s hard to carve out the time sometimes, but remember…it’s the path to the Land of My Own!

Also…keep checking our Facebook page for more Destinations throughout the week (assignments and encouragements!) You’ll be glad you did!!

What has prayer done for your marriage?

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