Helping Young People Grow Spiritually


A few years ago, the Lord impressed me with a need in many young people. Growing up is difficult enough, but every young person at one time or another faces the thought that Mom and Dad are not quite all they were cracked up to be. As a parent, though I try my best to be what I should, I realize that I have plenty of failures…enough to cause any child to be disappointed.

I prayed, asking God how I can help Christian young people develop a closer relationship to God in spite of their parents’ failures. The result is the allegory, The Umbrella Story.

The young lady in the story has had her wonderful umbrella for as long as she remembers. She simply loves her umbrella. But one day, she realizes that there is a hole in her umbrella! How she cries, not knowing quite what to do.

How can the hole be patched? Is there anything she can do? Why does it take so long for the problem to be fixed? This allegory helps people of all ages to understand the answers.

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