8 Ways to be Your Husband’s Best Friend

It’s been great to write about A Lasting Marriage! I hope you’ve had as much fun reading it as I have writing it! This week, I found some really great articles about “Being Your Spouses Best Friend” in my preparation for this week’s blog post. Michael Hyatt wrote an excellent article on How to Become Your Spouses Best Friend which gives a lot of food for thought. Danielle Peters, in Fancy Little Things, wrote 7 Ways to Become Your Spouse’s Best Friend – a great article that gives more wonderful suggestions. And even if you’re not military, Veterans United has a great post on Beyond Loving Your Spouse: 25 Ways to be a Best Friend.

Here are some more ideas:

1. Accept your husband – dirty socks, gas, burps and all! One of our great desires is to be accepted as we are. Shouldn’t we do the same for our best friend?

2. Have fun together! Have a date and make sure there is some play time, too!

3. Feed him! It’s still true that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” …even after 30 years! Make his favorite dishes and desserts. As he gets older, we may need to modify these for health’s sake, but don’t modify them so much that they become unrecognizable! Apple pie should never become rhubarb sauce…

4. Dress up for him. Of course, morning hair is going to happen, but if you’re still wearing your morning hair when he gets home from work, that’s a problem. Don’t get caught in your rollers and pjs in the afternoon! Dress nicely for him, and when you go out on a date, wear something that’s nice.

5. Flirt with him. Yes, even after all these years, still flirt with him. Wink at him across the room, or raise an eyebrow at him. Drape a bare thigh over his leg (when no one’s watching, of course) or lay a pair of your underwear on his shoulder as you walk by. Ah yes, you can get quite creative! It makes life very interesting.

6. Find his love language and speak love to him. According to Gary Chapman, author of 5 Love Languages, they are: 1) Touch, 2) Giving, 3) Serving, 4) Talk, and 5) Time. Find out your hubby’s, and plan to love him the way he perceives love.

7. Get upset only at true sin. Dirty socks are not a sin, nor are farts or shoes on the steps. Eating ice cream out of the carton is not a sin, either. Pornography, on the other hand, is a sin, as is adultery and spiritual neglect. Take the things that may personally irritate you to God, but don’t blow up at him because he left his shoes on the steps. And if true sin is involved, approach him with meekness, “considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.”

8. Learn to forgive. This is a big one, ladies. The only way I learned to forgive was when the Lord brought me face-to-face with my own faults, and I learned that mine are just as big and horrible, but different. It’s the same with you. Your sins may not be as glaring, but they’re still there. Learn to forgive, because you’ll need to be forgiven often yourself.

You may have only been married a year, or 20 years (or you could be like us…going on your 30th year!!) but you can still be best friends. You’re already taking a journey…now, make it a COURAGEOUS JOURNEY! Give it all you’ve got and watch exciting things happen!

Are you and your husband still great friends? Tell us about it! How do you maintain a close friendship with your spouse?

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To Love Honor and Vacuum


The Umbrella Story is available here!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday, full of good fun, friends, and family! I know I did!


I’m so excited, I have a special announcement today: now my book, The Umbrella Story, is available HERE! My wonderful web-dudess, Sharon, made it possible to pay through Paypal! Thanks, Sharon!

The Lord gave me the book The Umbrella Story a few years ago. You know, young children always think their parents are better than Oreos, but somewhere along the line, say around the ages of 11-13, they realize that we parents aren’t perfect. That can be quite a startling revelation to some folks. As I was praying about how I could help young people understand not only why their parents aren’t perfect, but what they can do about it, The Umbrella Story came to me. Scene by scene, bit by bit, it all came. The bulk of the story was written in only an hour and a half.

One lady said this:

WOW! This story is awesome, I sat and cried as I read to my daughters. I needed this! What a wonderful reminder that God created us especially for our children, and he uses our imperfections to work in our children’s lives! Hopefully my girls got as much out of it as I did, HAHA!

Our children need to understand, even while they’re young, why they have troubles and trials. The Umbrella Story goes a long way to helping young people come to grips with the “whys” of life.

Check it out!

Helping Young People Grow Spiritually


A few years ago, the Lord impressed me with a need in many young people. Growing up is difficult enough, but every young person at one time or another faces the thought that Mom and Dad are not quite all they were cracked up to be. As a parent, though I try my best to be what I should, I realize that I have plenty of failures…enough to cause any child to be disappointed.

I prayed, asking God how I can help Christian young people develop a closer relationship to God in spite of their parents’ failures. The result is the allegory, The Umbrella Story.

The young lady in the story has had her wonderful umbrella for as long as she remembers. She simply loves her umbrella. But one day, she realizes that there is a hole in her umbrella! How she cries, not knowing quite what to do.

How can the hole be patched? Is there anything she can do? Why does it take so long for the problem to be fixed? This allegory helps people of all ages to understand the answers.

To order, go to the publisher, Queen Homeschool Supplies, or email me at: lisaraub{at}rocketmail{dot}com.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!