God Cares About Our “Little” Problems

While my family and I are off to a Jubillee for a few days this week, I thought you might enjoy these timeless words from Corrie ten Boom’s book, Not Good If DetachedNot Good if Detached. They are as encourageing as they were the day they were written so many years ago. May it be as much of a blessing to you as it was to me when I read it recently!


God loves more perfectly than an earthly father or mother. And His love makes our problems great in His eyes and small in our eyes.

“I will tell you something that happened when I was a prisioner in a concentration camp with my sister, Betsie.

One morning I had a terrible cold, and I said to Betsie, ‘What can I do; I have no handkerchief.’

“‘Pray,’ she sid. I smiled, but she prayed, ‘Father, Corrie has got a cold, and she has no handkerchief.’ Will You give her one in Jesus’ name, Amen.’

“I could not help laughing, but as she said ‘Amen,’ I heard my name called. I went to the window, and there stood my friend who worked in the prison hospital.

“‘Quickly, quickly! Take this little package, it is a little present for you.’ I opened the package, and inside was a handkerchief.

“‘Why in the world did you bring me this? Did I ask you for it? Did you know that I have a cold?'”

“‘No, but I was folding handkerchiefs in the hospital, and a voice in my heart said, ‘Take one to Corrie ten Boom.'”

“What a miracle! Can you understand what handkerchief told me at that moment? It told me that in heaven is a loving Father who hears when one of his children on this very small planet asks for an impossible little thing; a handkerchief. And that heavenly Father tells one of His other children to take one to Corrie ten Boom. We cannot understand, but the foolishness of God is so much higher than the wisdom of the wise.”

—Not Good if Detached

So don’t be afraid to cast ALL your cares upon Him, for He cares for you!

Thank you all for praying for My Beloved’s upcoming ear surgery, which is scheduled for February 28!