Mother, the Unseen Powerhouse of the Home



Have you ever lost power? I’m sure you have, just like we did earlier this year.


It was a dark and stormy night. Well, ok, it was day. And it wasn’t dark…but it WAS stormy!


The weather got colder and colder, and the freezing rain became thick crystal-blankets on all the branches, bushes, trees, and (of course) the power lines. Some of the myrtle branches were bent almost to the ground!


Trees and branches are flexible, but power lines are not, and that day something somewhere snapped, and we were suddenly out of electricity.


Now, it’s never a convenient time to lose power. As it always seems to happen, I was in the absolute middle of a load of laundry, and the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes. In fact, there were very few clean dishes left in the cupboards! Several of us hadn’t yet showered for the day, and it seemed the air even in the house was getting colder by the minute.


Maybe in the past, electricity was unnecessary, but it’s not just a convenient nicety in life anymore…without it, life stops so fast it leaves skid marks!


And lately I’ve been thinking about motherhood, and how much like electricity a mother is.


Mother is the unseen powerhouse of the home. She is the one who works quietly behind the scenes, making sure the home runs smoothly and things get done like they’re supposed to.


Mother is the often-taken-for-granted light of the home. She greets her children with a smile in the morning, kisses the boo-boos and calms turbulent waters.


Mother is the spotlight of the home. She senses discontent and unrest, and shines the light on squabbles and quibbles, patiently listening to each sigh and helping to point out what the problem is.


But without mother, a home is sad.


A home is dark.


A home is cold and unforgiving.


Remember, mom, you are needed. You are wanted. You are important.


You may not be appreciated like you should be, but what could possibly compensate for sleepless nights, tiring days, and the thousand deaths that go into giving your life? No, there is no compensation on this earth, no appreciation enough for the price we pay, and no earthly benefits that pad our wallets and give a comfortable retirement.


So why do we do it? Why do we give ourselves so fully, so completely, and so thoroughly? Why do we toil day and night for our families?


Is it so that we can be appreciated?


So we could get a pat on the back from our children?


So others can look on us with wonder and admiration?


No, these things cannot be enough. To daily give one’s life for a pat on the back or a momentary glance of admiration is a short-lived and shallow payback. Why do we do what we do?


Elisabeth Elliot once said, “This job [of motherhood] has been given to me to do. Therefore, it is a gift. Therefore, it is a privilege. Therefore, it is an offering I may make to God. Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God’s way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness.”


Because we follow our Lord, and walk in His footsteps. His steps trod the path of Calvary, of laying down His life, and of giving of Himself. He took up His cross, obeyed His Father, and paved the way for our salvation.


And He calls us to follow Him.


We mothers are the unseen powerhouses of our homes. But remember, all we are is a conduit, through which the death and life of Christ are made evident.


Live for Him. Obey Him. And the powerhouse of His Spirit will strengthen you for the great unseen work He has called you to.

What are some ways mothers are important? And what are some of the eternal benefits?

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