Making the Leap into Victory

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Though I was young, I was brave . . . or was I? I stood on the top of the 30 foot platform overlooking the pristine lake and briefly wondered if I had lost my mind. I was only 11, and very slightly built, so I appeared much younger. Could I really dive off this platform – headfirst – and survive? Maybe I had lost my mind.

Then I looked down at the crowd of kids at the foot of the platform. I already pushed past them and told them I was going to do it, and they didn’t believe me. Earlier, when I noticed some teens standing at the foot of the platform arguing over who was going to jump, I stood defiantly in the crowd of strangers and declared, “I’m going to do it! You just watch!”

As I climbed the ladder, I could hear the incredulous sounds of the doubters, staring up at me in awe. I told them I would do it. I climbed the ladder. Now I had to jump.

With new resolve, I turned to the edge of the platform. In a few seconds, I felt my body hurtling to the edge. . .

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I find myself on the edge of a high precipice today. I’ve been writing this blog for years, and that will continue. But I’ve been researching and working on a book, as well, and I stand on the edge of the platform, knowing it’s time to get some of that information out.

I’ve talked to hundreds of people, I’ve interviewed dozens, and I’ve spent years writing the manuscript. I stand here, quite nervous, but with great confidence, about to take the plunge. With a full heart of resolve, I am compelling myself to the edge.

Starting next week, hopefully on Monday, I will begin a series on “Lionproofing” our children. Satan is after our kids, so how can we keep him from destroying their lives? I’ve interviewed dozens of second-generation Christians, and the Lord has kindly showed me many answers.

Next week, I will take the plunge and begin sharing this information with you.

. . . reaching the edge of the 30 foot platform, I leaped off the edge in a dive. I closed my eyes and felt my body plummeting forward and tried to keep my body as straight as I could. After what seemed like ages, I hit the water, going down, down, down. Within seconds, I swam back up, and broke the surface, victorious! I may have been afraid, but I did it anyway!

Are you ready to make the leap with me, as we learn how to Lionproof our children?

See you next time!


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