Lionproof Part 1: Witness the Tragedy



The Predator is on the move.


1 Peter 5:8 states, “your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

Satan has targeted our children.

Whether we are aware of it or not, there is a great battle being fought in the world – and souls are the objective. Satan has deceived an unbelievable number of our second generation, telling them that Christianity is simply not worth it. Many others have been paralyzed for one reason or another, rendering them numb, useless in the service of the Lord. It is a spiritual epidemic sweeping our nation, taking with it our most precious possession: our children. They are streaming out of our church doors by the thousands, their arms tightly linked with the world, walking lock-step (whether they realize it or not) with the Predator.

One lady of my acquaintance, who is normally quite cheerful, grew very sober as she spoke of her older brother. “We were raised in a good Christian home, but as soon as he got out of the house, he stopped going to church,” Dianne said sadly. “He’s older than I am, and hasn’t been to church in about 27 years. He’s just not at all interested in the things of God, and my parents wonder if he ever really was saved. The sad part is the effect this has had on his children. His family is in shambles – his marriage is virtually nonexistent and his kids are heavily involved with drinking and drugs.” This lady and her brother were raised in the same home, but are philosophically worlds apart now.

Somehow, Dianne was Lionproofed, while her brother became victim to the Devil. While she was yet young, she made some important decisions to love an serve the Lord. Her brother, by contrast, threw his hat in with the world and the Devil, exposing himself to a dangerous life of sin.

As we travel the country, we see an alarming trend in America today. Huge numbers of young people raised in our churches are leaving church as soon as they turn 18. In fact:


  • The Assemblies of God conducted a 10-year study and found 75 percent loss of their students within one year of high school graduation, while the Southern Baptists found that number to be even higher at 88 percent loss. And Josh McDowell Ministries reports 94 percent fallout within two years of high school graduation. (The Christian Post, January 12, 2006)


Why is it important that we Lionproof – to protect from the ravages of Satan – the second generation?

  • When many of the second-generation leave the church, it leaves fewer workers to win others.
  • Those who do jump ship are such poor testimonies of those raised in Christian homes, it is almost like putting a sign up stating, “Christianity is toxic.”
  • The impact of those who jump ship is very detrimental to those who stay in church. Many times, in the backs of the minds of the faithful is the question, “What happened? Did I do anything to make them leave?” And what of the wayward children’s parents? Many of them are broken-hearted over the loss of their kids, and the drain on their lives is difficult to measure, let alone put into words. The predator is on the move, but we do not have to fall for his lies. Losing one child to the world is bad enough, but let’s learn what we can before we lose any more. It’s high time we figure out what’s going on, and do something about it!

    Are you ready to do something to Lionproof your children? Leave a comment and let me know! And then, join me next week as we Meet The Survivors – those who have withstood the attacks of the Devil and remained faithful!

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