How To Help Our Children Deal With Internet Temptation

I’ve signed up for regular email updates from CovenantEyes, an internet filtering company. I have greatly appreciated their wisdom! I watched this video today, and really learned a lot about what I can do to help my children deal with internet temptation in the digital age.

This may be a bit long, but please take the time to watch this video. It will give you a new perspective on our childrens’ world.

Please ignore the background music to the video! Other than that, the content is excellent.

At this point, I do not personally use CovenantEyes, but I really like it. We’re looking into various software that does the same thing. Although helping our children be accountable is worth every penny spent, it charges per username, and we would have 6 of them! At this point, I would still like to see if we could find an accountability software a bit cheaper.

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