Getting What You Want This Christmas

Is Christmas all about getting and giving? What can we learn from the lean times?




When I go back in my mind’s eye to Christmases past, I remember all the different places we’ve celebrated the most precious Holiday. Since we’ve been married 30 years, I have many Christmases to remember!

The most memorable Holidays, however, have been the ones that we were traveling. Either a motor home, or a travel trailer, or a bus held the memories and happy laughter of two happy parents and seven jubilant children. Ah, yes, Christmas homes have changed over the years, but the happiness does not.

Even though we tried to keep Christmas simple and small, with a two-foot tall tree and only 3 presents for each child, because of our small living space, there were presents covering the small table, on the seats, and neatly arranged on the floor! It always gave us a huge feeling of abundance – and truly, we have been blessed.

There have been lean Christmases, and fat Christmases, seasons of abundance and seasons of penny-pinching.

Why is Christmas such a happy time for me? Because I want to be thankful for every little thing I have and all I get.What is the key to getting what you want this Christmas? It’s in wanting what you have.

It’s been good for me to learn, “I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound. Everywhere and in all things, I am instructed to be full and suffer need. whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

Merry Christmas to all, and I pray you will want what you get!

Question: Have you ever had a Christmas when you didn’t have much money? How did you feel? Did you learn anything from it?

Special Note: I’ll be taking a blogging break from December 25 to the first week of January.

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  1. Teresa R says:

    There was a Christmas when my children were small that we did not have much money. A thrift store was giving away Christmas trees which I decorated with embroidery floss and buttons. Presents for the children were several bags of mismatched plastic figures and game pieces. Yet it was the best Christmas I ever had

    • Lisa says:

      That’s such a special memory! Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

      My oldest daughter vividly remembers the lean times fondly, and I know they were some of the best times we had, as well.

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