Getting Along with Others

We all need help in getting along with others! This is a lesson which I’ve been teaching to my children, as The Lord allows. It’s been a great study so far, and I think has been a help to us in gettng along with each other as a family, and getting along with others in our daily contacts.


The other day, I was gone for a few hours, and the hubby and kids were left to themselves for awhile. When it was time to get dinner ready, my man organized a big cleanup, and, with everyone working together, got the place neat as a library in just a few minutes! Teamwork was the key!

Getting along is extremely important in life. If we understood the necessity of learning to get along, it will help us realize how good it really can be. Here are some of my thoughts about why we should learn to get along:

1. No man is an island – we are in constant contact with others, and need others to help us go through life

2. The lost world is watching us as Christians, looking to see if we get along better than the rest of humanity.

3. The Lord taught us to “live at peace with one another,” and to “love one another.”

4. We get many benefits by learning to get along with others. Here are just a few: fewer fights, less arguments, more friends, get included in activities more often, more fun, have better relationships, enjoy life more, etc. etc. etc.

Like I said, I’ve been working with my family about these things, and it has helped us get along better. If you take a few minutes to share them with your family, I’d love to know how it goes!

Question: Can you think of any more benefits of learning to get along with others? Have you taught your children any lessons on getting along? What did you tell them?

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