Doctors, Dentists, and Fire Ants

Yesterday was a very long day!

Sharon finished up her run a little earlier than I did, so she went back to the place we were staying at, Jonathan and Brooke’s house. In about 15 minutes, I saw the van come speeding toward me, with Sharon driving.

She rolled down her window and told me, “Mom, Brooke needs you. She’s in a lot of pain.” Brooke is my son’s young wife, who is about 24 weeks pregnant. Pain of any kind during a pregnancy is something to be concerned about.

My first thought was, Wow, she must be desperate to want her mother-in-law!“OK, I’ll hop in, and we’ll go see how she’s doing, I replied, opening the door.

After a hasty shower, I took Brooke to Jonathan’s work site, where we traded vehicles, and he took her on in to the Emergency Room. Before getting into the car, Jon told me, “Hey, Mom, just be careful – that car is full of fire ants.” It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to them.

So my new mission was to get the car “home” (to Jon & Brooke’s house) before the fire ants, which were all over the passenger seat, found me! Unfortunately, I was only on that road once before in my life, and I wasn’t sure how to get home! To make matters worse, there was no phone signal at all (Jon and Brooke live in the middle of nowhere!) so I couldn’t call anyone for guidance.

Casting worried glances toward the little monsters not two feet away from me, I somehow found my way back…before getting discovered and becoming lunch!

I was so relieved to get back, but in thirty minutes I was out the door again, taking Lydia to her dentist for her root canal, which was two and a half hours away. The drive seemed to take forever, but thankfully, it was an uneventful drive, although poor Lydia was nervous.

Lydia had been to the dentist on Friday, and he was quite worried that the swelling would obstruct her breathing. He gave us a prescription for strong antibiotics, with strict instructions to take her to the Emergency Room if the swelling were to go below the jaw line. By the time we were on our way to the dentist again yesterday, her swelling was down quite a bit, praise the Lord.

Poor Lydia had read up on root canals, and unfortunately read enough horror stories to make her worried. But we prayed, and the Lord really blessed. The dentist was friendly and competent, and in spite of the invasive procedure, Lydia didn’t feel much.

We tease her now about being an iron woman. She says, “I don’t have a high pain tolerance, it just didn’t hurt!” I wonder if she’ll grow up to be one of those women who go into labor, go to the bathroom, and come back out with a baby??

During the long drive home, Jonathan called. “We’re on our way home, Mom. The baby’s fine, but Brooke’s still in a lot of pain. They checked the kidneys and a few other things, and they seem to think the baby’s in a really weird position, sitting on her nerves.”

It was a long evening, and poor Brooke was in such pain that she was sick. Jon was with her the whole time. Finally Jonathan came out and told us, “She’s doing a lot better now. We prayed and asked the Lord to move the baby, and a few minutes later, Brooke felt him move out of the painful area!” We were all so excited that the Lord answered his prayer!

So today, we’re on the road again, assured that Brooke is ok by herself. Driving back to our beloved home,The Bus, we’ve passed five accidents so far, but we’re continuing to trust the Lord for safety.

We arrived late this evening, praise the Lord! Soon we’ll be getting back to our regularly scheduled programming. Meanwhile, has the Lord been giving you any special blessings? Share them with us!

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