Help for Planning a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving


In preparing for Thanksgiving this year, I was reminded of the need to plan some special things for my husband, who in intolerant to gluten. Some years I forget (like last year – sorry, Honey!) and he misses out on some good things like stuffing and pie! Poor, poor man!


But this year, that won’t happen. I’m planning ahead to bake some gluten free bread which I will make into stuffing, and to make one of the pies crustless. It’ll take a bit of extra work, but if I plan it right, it will work great!

If you have folks coming to your Thanksgiving table who are gluten intolerant, The Better Mom has a great website with many resources for planning the best gluten-free Thanksgiving ever! In fact, there’s a giveaway there, too!

Planning and preparing a Thanksgiving meal is lots of fun, but let’s not forget those who have special dietary needs…it might make the difference between a good meal and a GREAT one for someone special.