If Demons Could Talk…What Would They Say About Godly Mothers?

So much to do...

Demons love it when we’re “too busy…”


Taken after the pattern of The Screwtape Letters, this post may be what some demon is saying about you. I know I’ve fallen prey to Satan’s wiles in the past, but by God’s Grace I am striving to not just be a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, but a crazy one at that! One who truly gives myself to God daily and takes up my cross and follows Him in a life of sacrifice and service for others.


Dear Fellow-Demon,


I hear you’ve been having some trouble with your assignment. While you’ve been doing your best to keep that Christian mother from her primary responsibility of training her children, she still insists on trying to teach them “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord,” as she’s so fond of saying. (Yes, I know she persists in using that old Book, that Holy Bible, even though we’ve sent people her way to laugh at her.)


It’s horrible when a Christian mother gets it in her head to take the responsibility for training her kids. First she starts by – of all things – Praying for them! That in itself is enough to cause all of us demons to quiver and run to hide! But then when the little ones come, she takes her own spare time and teaches them all sorts of foolishness from the Bible: Scripture songs, Bible stories, and even teaches them to memorize Scripture! It’s an awful thing, and it must be stopped.


You know, of course, what happens if she’s allowed to continue? It will mean your ruin as well as mine. She may raise up a whole bunch of good young people, and that in itself is scary. But if they truly get a hold of God, become born-again, then they may just turn the world upside-down, like all those silly apostles! And we can’t have that!


First, may I suggest that you begin by shaming her into thinking that she’s really not accomplishing anything by being a stay-at-home mom. After all, she’s not contributing to society by working a job. In fact, try to sell her on the line that she needs time away from her kids. After all, it’s just such a waste of time to change diapers all day! She can really fulfill her potential by getting a job, I think, instead of all that menial work of laundry, diapers, and meals. Remind her that any moron can do THAT work…she needs to be important, to really do something worthwhile.


Those lies are very important, and I think you’ve got a lot of support from the media and Hollywood. And don’t forget to remind her that all her friends are working, too, even the other Christians. That way, she’ll  be ashamed to stay at home with her children.


I’ve seen those lies work just about every time. It’s just a few tenacious mothers that will stand up to that sort of assault on their character and continue to train their children for God.


But if those lies don’t work, I have another plan. This one is so sneaky, so cunning; I think maybe even Satan himself may have come up with it. I guess that’s why it’s so effective. Here it is:


If you can’t get the Christian mother out of the home, just find a convenient way to distract her while she’s in the home. There are a number of avenues you have at your disposal: TV (which has worked for ages,) movies, and of course Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few. These are great ways to make a Christian mother feel like she’s part of a group of friends who care for each other, and give each other all sorts of fun ideas of things to bake, decorate the house, and do with all their “spare” time. Especially for creative mothers, it’s the Death Knell for their child-training.


Distraction works every time…except with the very most dedicated of all Christian mothers – those crazy moms who gave themselves body and soul to God and seek to serve Him daily.


When those moms get with God and rely on the Holy Spirit, there’s no power from our beloved underworld, not even Satan himself, can stop them.


Let’s hope your Christian mama isn’t one of the crazy ones.


Your fellow-demon for the Love of Death,




Are you one of those crazy mothers? What would a demon say about you, if you could hear him talk?


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