Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!
Hey there! I’m Lisa, a 50 something (but don’t tell) wife, mother, pastor’s wife, home schooler and health junkie.
On my blog you’ll find everything from healthy (and tasty!) recipes, tips on running, parenting hacks and things I’ve learned from my traveling years. When I was sixteen, I gave my life to the Lord; it was the best thing I could ever did and I am soooo thankful to Him!  My passion is living for God and my desire is to glorify Him with my life. 
My husband and I are high-school sweethearts, and in the wonderful 32 years since we’ve been married, the Lord has given us seven absolutely lovely children!
I was seized with an obsession even before my first child was born.  More than anything in this world, I desired to raise my daughter for the Lord, and see her grow to be a godly, happy, productive adult.


In the meantime, the Lord led my husband and I into an itinerant ministry, which has enabled us to rub shoulders with all sorts of wonderful people.  In the past ten years, we’ve been in almost every state in the continental United States, and to Canada as well.  We’ve been in about a thousand+ churches to minister, and have met tens of thousands of people.  I’ve been given the opportunity to find many godly parents and find their secrets, which I wrote in the book LIONPROOF.   Currently, We are in Fayettville, North Carolina in the middle of a church plant outside the largest military base in the US- Fort Bragg.
My Family

Besides myself and my amazing husband, I have seven wonderful children and seven adorable grandkids (ooh, this makes me feel old)!!

FullSizeRender-8From top left: Matthew, Kathryn. Matthew Gideon, Emily Grace and Luke.
Jonathan (who is in the National Guard) and his gorgeous wife, Brooke.
From Left, Joshua (3) (28)Brooke (22) Jonathan Bradley (2)


My son Stephen  and his wife Jessica!
Stephen and Jessica’s adorable son, Taylor!


Sharon (21)

Lydia (17) and Jason (12)

Johanna (15) and Sharon!
Lydia, Jason and Johanna.
Let me tell you, I am BLESSED!!
Our Ministry: Reaching the Military

Can I just say that I absolutely love what we do!!  The Lord called the Raub family to reach the military in 1986, and we started a church in Pennsylvania before going on deputation in 1992.  Since then by God’s grace we have started 3 additional churches near military bases.  Our ministry, Eagles Wings Military Ministry, was founded in 1993.  Since 2004 we have been privileged to help churches at over 30 military bases around the country (plus Canada and Australia) to develop outreach ministries to their local military through Operation NAAMAN.  With the encouragement of godly Chaplains, we establish Bible studies, encourage families, and train single military personnel to be ardent warriors for the Savior.  It is truly exciting and rewarding to be working with the cream of America’s young people…the military!  (Did I say I LOVE it?! :D)

Beyond traveling, we also start churches near military bases, which is where we are right now, in Fayettville, North Carolina!


Things I Love
Besides blogging and traveling, I have a passion for exercise and healthy eating. I LOVE running and I make as many of my meals Trim Healthy Mama friendly as possible! I also enjoy writing in my free time and chasing my man around! 😉




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