A Mom’s Motto: “Semper Gumby,” Always Flexible!

As a mother, I’ve learned over the years to be prepared for just about anything, at any time. It’s not unusual for my husband to say, “Hey, let’s go to Taco Bell. Can we leave now?” Rather than responding with a wail, “I can’t leave right now, my hair’s not done!” I enjoy being able to say, “Oh, yes, that sounds like a great idea! I’ll be ready in just a minute!” This often requires being ready for the day as soon as humanly possible, so as not to miss anything. (Besides, being in the ministry means that anyone can come over at any time and for any reason, so it’s a good idea to be ready!)

The Marine Corps motto is “Semper Fi,” meaning “Always Faithful.” Well, I think the Mom Corps motto is, “Semper Gumby,” Always Flexible!” Be ready for anything, because anything can – and often does – happen!

I remember the time we were meeting a famous preacher in a southern state. Right after the formal introductions, one of my children decided it was a great time to get sick, and threw up right then and there! (So much for good impressions!)

Kid puking in a formal situation? Been there. Take someone to the ER in the middle of the night? Yeah, been there too. In fact, any mom has had ample opportunity to experience upheaval and disarray!

Here are some thoughts to help us mothers be Semper Gumby!

1. Plan, but expect some plans to change. Rarely do things go as planned. But does that mean we should throw planning under the bus? Oh, no! We should always have a plan, but be flexible enough to know that if  (maybe I should say “when”) our plans get changed, we don’t go into spastic caniptions and cause a small nuclear explosion in our home!

2. Let Go! Let go of perfectionism. Until we get to Heaven, nothing will ever be truly PERFECT. We will always have acne (even in your 40’s?? Oh, yes!) spots, cellulite, or scars, and someone will spill milk on your nice new carpet. If we let go of our perfectionism, we can slow down enough to enjoy the ride of Life.

3. It’s OK! Remember that God hasn’t gone on vacation, leaving His throne empty! Or worse yet, leaving it to be inhabited by a slew of sadistic and sour Algebra teachers! (Wouldn’t that be horrible??!!??) God is still on His Throne, and He knows what He’s doing. Yes, bad things do happen, but the Lord will eventually turn it to good.

4. Slow Down! Your schedule has just been deleted and completely over written. Take a deep breath and realize that some things will just need to change today.

I did that just the other day, in fact. I had my day all planned out to get everything done, but something came up in the middle of the day that required about 4 hours of my time. Zip! Out the window goes all those plans! So, I did a  little rearranging, and rescheduled some of those activities to be done at a later time, and, although it wasn’t ideal, it did work out ok.

If I would have stressed over the change, it would’ve made everyone in the house grumpy, and you know what that means: If I kick the dog, the dog bites the cat, and the cat swipes the baby. The baby cries and irritates mother….again!

So next time you’re faced with deletion of your schedule, hold up your spatula and shout with pride, “Semper Gumby!” and know you’re in the fellowship of millions of other Flexible Moms who face the very same thing every day!


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