Congratulations, Stephen & Jessica!!

We had a wonderful get-together before the wedding!  For once, I had all 7 of my young-uns in one place!  After the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, I said, “Hey, let’s get some family photos!”  So the pictures you see here are the best kind  – impromtu, unstaged, and unplanned!  Fun!


Kathryn, Jonathan, Stephen, Sharon, Lydia, Johanna, and Jason!


This crowd is every bit as nutty as adults as they were when they were kids.  Not only do they remember the most inane things (“Mom, remember the time you had morning sickness when you were pregnant with Sharon and threw up in the kitchen sink?”) there is never a dull moment even now (“Alright, Jason, let’s have a stick battle!”)  I love every bit of it.



My Beloved, Jessica, Stephen, and me


The wedding was truly beautiful.  Jessica did a wonderful job planning everything, and her mother and she worked so hard on the decorations!  Everything went so smoothly, and it was a very happy ceremony.


Lydia, Jonathan, My Beloved, me, Stephen, Jessica, Sharon, Kathryn, Johanna, and Jason




And it’s all because two people fell in love…




Have a great day!




  1. Daisy says:

    Wow! Beautiful. Steven married =) Can you believe, I still remember you and Kevin’s wedding because it was the first wedding I ever went to. =) Yellow I think it was. I was probably only 6 or 7. Can’t believe you are a grandma and Grandpa now and I have teenagers =) Time flies!! Best of everything to Steven and your beautiful new daughter.


    • Lisa says:

      Isn’t it insane to think that I have 3 kids married, and I’m a grandma?? When I got married, I had no idea how fast time would fly!! And to think that you have teens! What is this world coming to?!? lol


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