5 Step Pattern for Personal Growth

Today, I want to take a few minutes away from the spinning world of laundry, diapers, and school, and concentrate on personal growth.



It was on one of my runs that I saw it. I was layered in 3 shirts and a jacket, and had a band around my head to keep my ears warm and my gloves on. The wind chill was somewhere around 20 degrees, which is cold for this part of the country. But I saw it nonetheless. It was a brave patch of daffodils.

Their brave green stems pushing out of the cold snow told me that spring was coming.

Another day I saw geese, headed north again after their winter down south. With every honk, they said that spring was coming, too.

Still later, on a warmer day, I could smell that warm green scent which you smell when the grass begins to grow again. Again, the fresh scent told me that spring was coming.

All around are signs of new growth, despite the persistent cold. I’m excited about the new growth, because it means things are alive.

Growing as a person is a challenge for me, especially as a busy homeschooling mom. I don’t always grow as fast and as steadily as I’d like, but I’ve found that if I make sure I impliment all 5 of these steps to growth, life will be much more exciting, and I find myself improving in the areas I think are important.

1. Read – First, your Bible, and then other encouraging and good books. My suggestion is to avoid vain or negative things like forums and facebook pages where people specialize in flaming others.

2. Listen – Good uplifting music, Bible being read, or encouraging podcasts. I love listening to good podcasts while I exercise or work around the house, because they keep my brain going while the body is busy.

3. Think – about what you’ve been reading and listening to. This, I think, is the missing element. We rush through our days without taking even a moment to consider the material we’ve been listening to and reading. (Of course, if all you’ve been reading is garbage, all you’ll think about is garbage.)

4. Pray – and ask God to help you apply the things you’re learning. It’s one thing to get some help, but it’s another altogether to be able to apply it to your life so you can live differently.

5. Repeat! Keep reading, keep listening, keep thinking and keep praying! As you sow, you shall reap. If you plant good things in your mind, you will reap good things. Just keep it up!!

Maybe one of these steps is missing, or maybe the stuff you’ve been filling your head with have been less than desirable. You may grow, but not as quickly and not as well as if you had all these elements in place.

Why not make it a habit to put good things in your life, starting today? You’ll be glad you did!

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    • Lisa says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lisa. I’m usually too busy to sit down and read, but I do a lot of listening to good encouraging messages and podcasts. It’s very helpful, and, as you said, helps to refocus.

        • Lisa says:

          That’s great, Lisa! I like to listen to good music and encouraging podcasts while I work out, or fold laundry…which seems to be a lot! 😉 I don’t have as much time to read as I would like, so listening is big for me, too.

          Thanks for the comment!

  1. Kim Adams Morgan says:

    Love your Five Steps. They are a very important part of a living a connected life to Christ. If God is not first in your life, something else will gladly come in and take that spot…we need to be proactive. Stopping in from Messy Marriage.

    • Lisa says:

      You brought up an excellent point, Kim – the world presses in from all sides, and we have enough sinful nature in us to give us plenty of trouble. It’s important to be proactive in our relationship with The Lord. I recently read that He seeks us, but He also wants us to seek Him. Reading, listening, thinking and praying are an important part of seeking Him.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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