3 Simple Steps to Looking Good and Feeling GREAT!

Today we’re wrapping up our series on A Lasting Marriage! Just wait till you see what comes next! I’m pretty excited about it, but I’m not going to tell you – yet – what it will be! Anyway, if you missed any of the posts in this series, you can find them all here.

You may remember Megan from my story last week. I only told you part of the story; the other part is just as sad. Like any young wife, I’m sure she didn’t start her marriage hoping it would fail. She probably worked hard to catch her man, and even resorted to incredible means to look good. But after a few years into marriage, she became what she was when I knew her – an overweight, greasy, dirty (shall I say it??) slob. Not only did she not care for her home or her baby, she also neglected herself. And through that one act of neglecting to care for her own body, she went a long way to sabotaging her very own marriage.

Ladies, let’s face it. We’ve got to work to keep ourselves looking good. As we get older, it gets harder, too! Maybe that’s why young women tend to neglect that part – they don’t really have to work that hard, so they don’t work on it at all! But I think there are three reasons for that neglect:

1. We get busy taking care of the kids, and forget to take care of ourselves. A very understandable reason, and one that I was in myself, raising my 7 children. See  my fitness story here for the whole scoop!

2. We get comfortable with our husbands, and decide to “let our hair down.” The girls and I have certain baggy clothes we wear when we want to lounge around and be comfortable which we affectionately call our “Homeless Woman” outfits! 😉 That’s fine sometimes, but if we’re ALWAYS in our Homeless Woman outfits, something’s wrong.

3. We simply don’t think we deserve being cared for. We feel unloved, and so we don’t care for ourselves either. Scott of ChoosetoTrust.com commented on last week’s post “For Megan, seems the house was outward fruit of something inward. Hopefully she’ll work on her identity and not hoping for a relationship to fulfill her.” He is so right!

OK, I’m going to step on my soapbox here. Ladies, whether we like ourselves or not is immaterial. The actual science of the matter is that, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will slowly deteriorate, and that can be very painful. Soon we’ll be too tired and achy to take care of our husbands and our families. We owe it to them to take care of ourselves. Let’s quit psychoanalyzing this subject and get off our duffs and get a little exercise! (Thank you, Lisa, that was good.) I’ll get off my soapbox now! 😉

Now, for the remainder of the time, I’m going to just rattle off a few things I’ve learned over the years of studying fitness and nutrition. It’s a hobby of mine which I enjoy learning about, so I’ll pass on some thoughts to you.


1. It matters little what you do, as long as you do it! You may hate running, but like to walk on the treadmill. You may love to play outside games with your children, but hate an official exercise program. It doesn’t matter. Just do something to “bless your heart”every day. Check out the Mayo Clinic’s suggestions, as well as WebMD and my personal favorite, Crossfit.

2. Mix up your routine. Your body gets used to the same thing every day, so vary it. Keep your body guessing. Lift weights one day, walk the next, play tag with the children the next day, etc.

3. Repeat steps one and two the rest of your life! There is no bandwagon, so there’s nothing to fall off of. If you get sick (or one of the kids gets sick) and you can’t exercise for a week, that’s ok. Just don’t give up, and keep on going.


1. Avoid empty calories of white sugar and starches. Breads, pastas, donuts, and desserts are the big things that makes us tired and sick. If you need a chocolate fix, get some special dark chips and chew them slowly. Yum! For more nutrition  info, check out Trim Healthy Mama & the Crossfit website.

2. Eat real food. If it comes in a package, be wary. Meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit do not come in boxes or bags. Build your menus around them as your focus.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the rest of your life! There are a million ways to make wonderful veggie dishes and meats, and fruit makes a great dessert.

Following those simple steps will pull your body out of its lethargy and put some real spark into your marriage. Try it  yourself and see! I must tell you, it made a world of difference in my own.

For more info, see LisaRaub.blogspot.com and look under the exercise and nutrition headings. And as always, keep your eyes peeled for daily Destinations on my Facebook page! We’re going to move a little more this week.

What do you do to take care of yourself?

Next week, we’re starting a new series on how to Lionproof your children – keeping them safe from the claws of the Devil! Our young people are leaving our churches at alarming rates. What can we do to help them choose to serve the Lord? My new series will outline successful parenting practices that have been effective for many generations. I’m so excited to share this with you!

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  1. Mai says:

    These are all great advice! Love your post 🙂 I want that SPARK in my marriage to last a lifetime 😉

    Visiting you from the Happy Wives Club Link Up.

    • Lisa says:

      When I eat right and exercise, I look better and FEEL better. Of course, when I feel better, I have more energy to meet my hubby’s needs…and things begin to sizzle!

      Thank you! I’ll check out your blog, too!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you! As I look back on the post now, it doesn’t look as organized as I intended it to be. My 3 things turned into 9 things, which were unclear. Ah well, glad you got a blessing anyway!

  2. momstheword says:

    I know what you mean. I remember being single and noticing a change when some of my friends got married, as they got more comfortable with their spouses. I have to watch myself as well and sometimes I DO slack off more than I should.

    We are blessed to have both our young adult children still attending church, and I don’t think it’s because their dad is the pastor. They both are involved in ministry within the church and have a relationship with the Lord. But I have friends who have children who have walked away for now, and their hearts ache for their children. But they keep praying and trusting!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party today!

  3. Lisa says:

    I guess it’s one thing to be comfortable with our spouses, but another thing altogether to be Homeless Woman all the time! 😉

    It’s very sad when young people “go prodigal” from The Lord, and your friend certainly needs as much prayer, love and support as she can have. Lord Willing, I am hoping to prevent that from happening with this next series, and my forthcoming book, Lionproof: Keeping Your Children from the Claws of the Devil, based on dozens on interviews of those young people who, like your own, have chosen to serve The Lord in spite of the huge exodus from churches.

    Thanks for hosting your Linky party! I appreciate your “Making Your Home Sing Monday!”

  4. Beth says:

    I just hopped over from Gaye’s blog at Calm, Healthy, Sexy and she was speaking to this very needed subject as well. I feel like God is trying to tell me something, Lisa! ha! I do exercise, although probably not as much as I should. And I do try to eat healthy, but also let myself indulge on junk food especially on the weekends. These are great reminders and I appreciate all the resources you’ve provided for us here too, Lisa. One more thing, I think you make a great point about how doing these negative things will hurt our bodies and make us less motivated in our relationships. I think we forget that when we’re woofing down that cupcake! 🙂 I want my marriage to be the best it can be, so I know that means eating and exercising in the best possible ways. Thanks for the gentle nudge!

  5. lisa says:

    I think eating right and exercising is sometimes “the final frontier” in our lives, since we find ourselves so busy doing for others. It’s important to remember that a large portion of doing for others requires us to take care of ourselves.

    Thanks, Beth!

  6. Tyson @ Uplifting Love says:

    I read a suggestion from one wife a while back (unfortunately I don’t recall who it was) where she encouraged her readers to take a couple of minutes right before their husbands got home from work to put on a cute outfit and maybe some make up and jewelry so that they looked nice when he walked through the door. The rest of the day she said she spent in her pajamas. This one simple, 5-10 minute action each day (or at least regularly) made a HUGE difference to her. I see the same thing in my wife. On the days she chooses to “dress up” a little bit her entire countenance is different. Great advice!

    Also, I’m happy to be your newest follower! I’d love it if you could take a second to check out my blog and follow me back 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Tyson@Uplifting Love

    • Lisa says:

      Wow, Tyson, that’s great! It’s especially refreshing to see it from the man’s point of view. Men are wired much more visually than women, and the sooner we get this through our thick heads, the better.

      I’ve noticed that if I wear sloppy clothes, I feel sloppy…but when I wear something that I know looks good on me, I feel good! So it’s important to wear something we know we feel good in, instead of Homeless Woman!

      I’ll check out your blog!


  7. momstheword says:

    Looking forward to your series and the book! Just popping back over to say that the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party is up and ready for you to link up your posts!

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