Our Most Unusual Thanksgiving

Our most unusual Thanksgiving happened, not unusually, while we were on the road. This particular season our schedule was very different.

Travelling in a 15-passenger van, our family was on a short deputation trip to the Pacific Northwest. Late November found us in cool rainy Oregon, with its beautiful rocky coastline. It was simply gorgeous. However, the beauty and romance was lost on our travel-weary family as we were deposited into a small, slightly furnished apartment and promptly forgotten by the church members we had our meeting with. As soon as we settled into the place, cold and dreary settled into us.

I looked around at the kitchen and sighed. No oven. No stove! How in the world could I prepare and Thanksgiving feast for my family of 8 (my youngest had not yet been born) with none of the normal conveniences?

Is it possible?

Rooting through a few cupboards, I made a huge find: a crockpot! Rummaging around a few minutes longer revealed a few plates and cups, one measuring cup, a can opener, and an electric skillet. Hmmm….this may take a little bit of creativity, but I think I can make it work.
Shopping was a bit difficult. How do I find a turkey that will fit in the crockpot? Or do I fry it? Maybe I should only buy half a turkey! After much looking, thinking, and even some praying, I finally settled on a small turkey which I hoped would fit! After all, we couldn’t have many leftovers since we had to hit the road again just a day or two after Thanksgiving.

After I chose the turkey, the next few dishes were easy – just buy a premade pumpkin pie, some Bob Evans’ mashed potatoes, and some dinner rolls, and that part was taken care of! But the stuffing and the green beans would be a bit troublesome. With the only remaining cooking item was an electric skillet, it meant that I would have to do them both of them in it…just one at a time.

Thankfully, with a little wedging, that small turkey did fit in the crock pot. The beans and stuffing came out of the skillet in rapid succession, and we were able to sit down to the most unusual, but wonderful, Thanksgiving meal!

Was the turkey better than usual? No, and I couldn’t brag about the stuffing, either. But we were together. And, yes, we were quite thankful!

It may not have been home, and it certainly wasn’t the traditional roast turkey (after all, whoever heard of turkey in a slow-cooker??) but we had much to be thankful for.

And that small, slightly furnished apartment got a little bit warmer and brighter.

Have a warm and bright holiday, remembering God’s goodness and enjoying His blessings.

Now it’s your turn: Share with us your most unusual Thanksgiving memory! Leave a comment below!