2012 – The Year of Carpet Burns


Have you ever had a carpet burn?

I mean, a really bad one, where a big red patch has taken the place of skin?

As the youngest of 5 children, I was my brothers’ and sister’s favorite plaything. When they dragged me around on the carpet, holding my feet so my back would slide along the carpet, it was great fun for all of us. I laughed and squealed, begging for more, while they pulled my legs and ran around the house. Of course, my shirt went up in the back, and only my bare skin slid along the carpet.

About 10 minutes of that, and I started to feel pain. Eventually, I had two half-dollar sized raw spots where the skin on my shoulder blades had been, and a row of red dimes ran along my spine. For the rest of that week, I was in misery, especially every time I moved or tried to sleep. Anything which even lightly touched my back caused a howl in pain, because I had been scoured.

Those carpet burns left me very sensative to the touch.

This past year, I’ve been scoured. Physical illness of loved ones, financial struggles, and family situations throughout this year have given me a huge carpet burn. My heart, my life, and my soul have been scrubbed by the loving Hands of the Master. And it has left me very tender and raw.

But that’s a good thing, because it has made me very sensative to the Lord.

My greatest desire is that I will be sensative to His every Touch. When His Hand moves, I want to feel it. I want to move when He moves, to do what He wills, to go where He wants. I desire my heart to resonate with His Hand.

Maybe you’ve had a year like mine; maybe you feel as if you’ve been dragged around by your older siblings and left to bleed alone. It’s ok to feel that way. One thing I’ve learned is not tot try to escape my feelings, but to take them to the One who cares.


If you feel you’re being scoured, take heart – He wants you to be sensative to Him. Take advantage of the raw feelings and pour your heart out to the Lord. You will feel His presence as never before.

Yes, sometimes a good old-fashioned carpet burn can be good.

How has your year been? Has it been a year of blessing, or a year of carpet burns? And, if it has been carpet burns, how has the Lord shown you that they really are blessings in disguise?

Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day! Our Sweet Flower is turning 14 today!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweet Flower!!

For laughs, you may want to check out this YouTube video of a birthday song which we used to watch on the Percy Platypus song when we were kids. Not surprisingly, we distorted it and added it to our birthday repitiore.

You can find it here.

Enjoy! And have a great day!

Any of you folks have any birthday traditions you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them!