The Umbrella Story is available here!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday, full of good fun, friends, and family! I know I did!


I’m so excited, I have a special announcement today: now my book, The Umbrella Story, is available HERE! My wonderful web-dudess, Sharon, made it possible to pay through Paypal! Thanks, Sharon!

The Lord gave me the book The Umbrella Story a few years ago. You know, young children always think their parents are better than Oreos, but somewhere along the line, say around the ages of 11-13, they realize that we parents aren’t perfect. That can be quite a startling revelation to some folks. As I was praying about how I could help young people understand not only why their parents aren’t perfect, but what they can do about it, The Umbrella Story came to me. Scene by scene, bit by bit, it all came. The bulk of the story was written in only an hour and a half.

One lady said this:

WOW! This story is awesome, I sat and cried as I read to my daughters. I needed this! What a wonderful reminder that God created us especially for our children, and he uses our imperfections to work in our children’s lives! Hopefully my girls got as much out of it as I did, HAHA!

Our children need to understand, even while they’re young, why they have troubles and trials. The Umbrella Story goes a long way to helping young people come to grips with the “whys” of life.

Check it out!

Help for Planning a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving


In preparing for Thanksgiving this year, I was reminded of the need to plan some special things for my husband, who in intolerant to gluten. Some years I forget (like last year – sorry, Honey!) and he misses out on some good things like stuffing and pie! Poor, poor man!


But this year, that won’t happen. I’m planning ahead to bake some gluten free bread which I will make into stuffing, and to make one of the pies crustless. It’ll take a bit of extra work, but if I plan it right, it will work great!

If you have folks coming to your Thanksgiving table who are gluten intolerant, The Better Mom has a great website with many resources for planning the best gluten-free Thanksgiving ever! In fact, there’s a giveaway there, too!

Planning and preparing a Thanksgiving meal is lots of fun, but let’s not forget those who have special dietary needs…it might make the difference between a good meal and a GREAT one for someone special.

In the Aftermath of the Election…

No matter what, God is still on the throne!


Well, folks, we have our work cut out for us! Salt is noticeably different than anything else, so let’s work hard to be a “peculiar people” for our Lord! Not a bunch of weirdoes, but to be Biblically-minded, and to live a holy life.

Bond with our families – strong families are the backbone of any nation.

Pray for revival – we so desperately need God!

Hide God’s Word in our hearts – we must be kept from the fatal effects of our own desires and the snares of Satan!

Watch – we must be especially alert for sins that seem so pleasant. They are more dangerous, because they more easily capture the heart, and turn it away from

Witness to others – He that winneth souls is wise!

How To Help Our Children Deal With Internet Temptation

I’ve signed up for regular email updates from CovenantEyes, an internet filtering company. I have greatly appreciated their wisdom! I watched this video today, and really learned a lot about what I can do to help my children deal with internet temptation in the digital age.

This may be a bit long, but please take the time to watch this video. It will give you a new perspective on our childrens’ world.

Please ignore the background music to the video! Other than that, the content is excellent.

At this point, I do not personally use CovenantEyes, but I really like it. We’re looking into various software that does the same thing. Although helping our children be accountable is worth every penny spent, it charges per username, and we would have 6 of them! At this point, I would still like to see if we could find an accountability software a bit cheaper.